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Dentistry is important at every stage of life. However, regular visits to a pediatric dentist are especially crucial for children. Childhood is a time of rapid development, and keeping your child’s teeth healthy is absolutely essential.

At Redford Smiles in Sacramento, we specialize in children’s dentistry. From infants to toddlers, kids, pre-teens, and everyone in-between! With a friendly, informative approach to children’s dentistry, we can take great care of your precious little ones.

Schedule an appointment now at (916) 565-2570, or keep reading to learn more about children’s dentistry.

When Should I Start Taking My Child To The Dentist?

This is a common question for new parents. There is a lot to think about when you have a child, and dentistry is often, not a priority. Ideally, you should take your child to the dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts. At the latest, you should take your child to the dentist by their first birthday.

Healthy development of baby teeth is critical for the health of your child, and their oral development. Baby teeth help your child speak normally and chew naturally, and they also form the path that the permanent teeth will follow when they begin to erupt.

It is important to start taking your child to Redford Smiles early. If your child regularly visits the dentist, Dr. Redford can develop a better understanding of their oral health.

In addition, regular visits to the dentist help familiarize your child with the process, which makes them less likely to suffer from dental anxiety in the future.

How Often Should My Child See A Pediatric Dentist?

After your child’s first dentist appointment at Redford Smiles, they should visit every six months – just like an adult.

It is crucial for a dentist like Dr. Redford to keep a close eye on the progress of teething and the development of baby teeth, and ensure that your child’s teeth are free of cavities and other problems.

What Can I Expect During My Child’s Dentist Visits?

Dental visits for children are quite similar to those performed on adults. Each time you and your child visit Redford Smiles, your appointment will begin with a thorough teeth cleaning.

One of our experienced dental hygienists will conduct a preliminary exam of your child’s teeth, and then remove plaque and tartar, brush your child’s teeth to a polished shine, and floss your child’s teeth.

Next, Dr. Redford will take over to perform a comprehensive oral exam. Your oral hygienist will mention any issues, such as tooth decay or malformation, that were noticed during the initial oral exam.

Depending on the age of your child and any dental issues that may be present, Dr. Redford may recommend x-rays. X-rays are typically not administered until your child is at least 3 years old. However, there are exceptions.

After your appointment, Dr. Redford will discuss your child’s oral health with both you and your child, and inform you of any issues, that have been detected, such as tooth decay or gum inflammation.

If additional procedures such as fillings are required, Dr. Redford will let you know, so that you can make a follow-up appointment for treatment.

What Are The Most Common Children’s Dentistry Treatments?

While children can undergo most standard dentistry treatments, there are several treatments that are more common among kids than they are in adults.

  • FillingsChildren tend to get cavities more regularly than adults. This is especially true if kids fail to maintain proper oral hygiene, or consume excessive amounts of sugary foods.While filling a baby tooth may seem counterproductive, it is absolutely essential for your child’s health. Tooth decay can spread from the affected tooth to surrounding baby teeth, causing multiple tooth loss. This can lead to a wide variety of different orthodontic problems later in life.Cavities can also be very painful. A filling is the best way to eliminate this pain, and get your child’s life back to normal.
  • Dental Sealants – If your child has shown a tendency to be vulnerable to tooth decay, dental sealants may be recommended. A dental sealant is a specialized, thin plastic coating that’s applied to molars and premolars.This plastic covering forms a protective “shield” over the tooth. This shield prevents food particles from being stuck in the teeth, and helps “seal out” plaque.Safe, and effective, a dental sealant may be recommended if your child has already gotten multiple cavities in their baby teeth.
  • Fluoride Treatment – Fluoride is totally safe, and one of the most effective ways to strengthen teeth. This is particularly true for children. The ADA recommends that young children receive fluoride treatment every 6 months.During your appointment with a Redford Smiles dental hygienist, a fluoride solution will be “painted” onto your child’s teeth, and allowed to sit for several minutes. This simple procedure helps strengthen tooth enamel, and fight back against tooth decay!

How Do Pediatric Dentists Pull Baby Teeth?

In rare cases, severe tooth decay or damage may require a baby tooth to be pulled. At Redford Smiles, we understand that oral surgery can be very scary for both you and your child. That’s why we specialize in providing friendly care and a comfortable environment for both of you.

Luckily, it is usually easier to pull baby teeth than it is to pull adult teeth. They are not as large or deeply rooted.

The procedure is very simple. First, Dr. Redford will numb the area around the tooth that requires extraction. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is also usually used to help keep your child calm, and minimize any discomfort they may feel during the procedure.

After the area around the baby tooth is numb, Dr. Redford will use dental forceps to grasp the tooth that must be extracted. Using a gentle motion, he will loosen the tooth in its socket, and then pull it free. It is just that simple!

After anesthetic has taken hold, the extraction of baby teeth takes just a few minutes. It’s a minimally-invasive procedure, and nothing to be worried about.

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Children’s dentistry is a specialized field. A pediatric dentist must understand the tooth development process, and have a friendly, approachable manner that keeps your child comfortable.

If you are looking for a new pediatric dentistry practice in Sacramento, Redford Smiles is a wonderful choice. Dr. Redford is great with kids, and focuses on making visits to the dentist’s office fun and informative – not scary.

Our whole team loves working with kids, and with our expert dental knowledge, your child’s oral health is in great hands. Read our patient testimonials to learn more about our unique approach to pediatric dentistry!

Call for an appointment now at (916) 565-2570, or visit our office in-person at 79 Scripps Dr. Suite 204, Sacramento, CA 95608.

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