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Composite Fillings Procedure

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Sacramento

Composite Tooth Colored Fillings in Sacramento

Fillings are the best way to treat mild-to-moderate cases of tooth decay. By removing decayed materials and replacing it with an inert filling, Dr. Redford, our dentist at Redford Smiles, can restore your smile!

Composite fillings are the latest innovation in filling technology. Unlike traditional mercury amalgam fillings, these tooth-colored fillings look totally natural, with none of the discoloration that is typical in metal fillings.

Interested in replacing a metal filling, or in need of a composite filling to treat tooth decay? Contact Redford Smiles in Sacramento for an appointment now at (916) 565-2570!

What Are Composite Fillings Made Of?

Composite fillings are usually made out of a combination of tooth-colored acrylic resin and glass, hence the term “composite”. The acrylic resin is easy-to-shape, and a resin that is similar in color to your teeth can be selected, providing a more seamless, less-noticeable filling.

Because composite fillings use both soft, easily-moldable resin and tough, durable glass, they can offer a level of performance similar to mercury-amalgam fillings, but are more aesthetically appealing.

At Redford Smiles, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. Dr. Redford crafts durable, attractive composite fillings that restore your natural smile, and provide a natural, aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

Are Composite Fillings Safe?

Composite fillings are totally safe. They offer the same level of performance as a mercury-amalgam filling, and are an effective treatment for tooth decay. They have been used successfully for over 50 years.

In fact, many patients feel that composite fillings are safer than mercury-amalgam fillings. This is because traditional metal fillings do include a small portion of mercury, which is toxic to humans.

There is no proof that mercury-amalgam fillings are harmful to humans. They have been used safely and effectively for over 150 years. However, some people are still uncomfortable with the idea of having mercury in their mouths. For patients who feel this way, composite fillings are a fantastic choice.

What Are The Benefits Of Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings have a wide variety of benefits. We will take a look at the biggest benefits of these advanced, resin-based fillings now.

  • Requires removal of less tooth material – Typically, composite fillings require less prep work by Dr. Redford. This means that more of your natural tooth structure and material can be preserved while placing a composite filling. This speeds up the procedure, and maintains tooth strength.
  • Natural appearance – The primary advantage of a composite filling is its natural, tooth-like appearance. While mercury-amalgam is effective, safe, and reliable, the metal material used is dark-silver in color. When placed in the tooth, a mercury-amalgam filling can cause an unsightly, grayish appearance.While this does not affect the integrity of the tooth, many patients would prefer a more natural-looking filling. Composite fillings can be adjusted to match the shade of the surrounding tooth structure, and provide a nearly-unnoticeable solution.
  • Less susceptible to sensitivity – Metals are highly conductive. This means that hot and cold temperatures can change their temperature very quickly. Many patients with multiple mercury-amalgam fillings experience tooth sensitivity in filled teeth because of this.

Acrylic resin has a very low level of conductivity. This makes it less susceptible to changes in temperature due to consuming hot or cold beverages, or being outdoors during the cold. In turn, this helps reduce tooth sensitivity.

One of the only drawbacks of composite fillings is their cost. Composite fillings tend to cost about twice as much as comparable mercury-amalgam fillings.

In addition, because they are not seen as an “essential” treatment, most insurance companies will not cover the entire cost of a composite filling. They will only cover the cost of a mercury-amalgam filling.

However, if you are looking for a cost-effective, natural solution that is more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional mercury-amalgam filling, composite fillings from Redford Smiles are a fantastic choice. Check out some of our previous work in our smile gallery!

When to Replace Composite Fillings

Just like mercury-amalgam fillings, composite fillings do not last forever. A 2012 meta-analysis study showed that composite fillings usually lasted for 11 years, compared to mercury-amalgam fillings, which lasted 11.8.

With proper care, they can easily last over a decade, but eventually they will require replacement. Over time, the resin material can shrink and pull away from the surrounding tooth. In addition, chewing hard foods or grinding your teeth can damage composite fillings. If they are cracked or damaged, they will require replacement.

Sometimes, it is obvious that a filling will need replacement. Part of the filling may break or fall out, or you may start to feel pain or discomfort at the filling site. However, these situations usually only occur long after a filling has failed.

To make sure your fillings are intact and in good condition, you should see Dr. Redford at Redford Smiles for a regular 6-month check-up, dental exam, and teeth cleaning.

During each regular dental exam, Dr. Redford will examine each of your fillings with a tool called a dental explorer. He will check for cracks and worn areas, and ensure that the filling is still intact. X-rays may also be taken if a filling is suspected of failing. These x-rays allow Dr. Redford to examine the tooth structure for signs of further decay, which indicates filling failure.

If a filling has failed, Dr. Redford will schedule a follow-up appointment to replace it as soon as possible. This is done in order to prevent further tooth decay, pain, or discomfort.

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If you are looking for an experienced Sacramento dentist who can place durable, natural-looking tooth-colored fillings, Dr. Redford is the right choice. At Redford Smiles, we use modern application techniques for our composite fillings, and provide exceptional service to all of our patients. Read our patient testimonials to learn more!

Whether you believe you may have a cavity, or you simply wish to replace an older mercury-amalgam filling with a new composite filling, contact Redford Smiles today. You can call us over the phone at (916) 565-2570, or drop by our office in Sacramento. We are located at 79 Scripps Dr. Suite 204, Sacramento, CA 95608.

So come in today, and see if a composite filling from Dr. Redford is right for you!

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