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Gingivectomy Procedure

Gingivectomy surgeon in Sacramento

Gingivectomy Surgery in Sacramento

Gingivectomies are a common surgical procedure used to treat periodontal disease (gum disease). However, a gingivectomy can also simply remove excess gum tissue, and provide a more pleasing smile.

Whether you are suffering from periodontal disease, or simply want a more attractive smile, Redford Smiles is the a great option for a gingivectomy dentist in Sacramento.

At Redford Smiles, Dr. Redford provides expert surgical treatment with a patient-focused attitude. Learn more about gingivectomy surgery below.

Alternatively, gingivectomies can be undertaken as an elective procedure. Excessive gum tissue growth is caused by genetic factors, as well as certain blood pressure medications and organ-transplant medications. A gingivectomy is often used to remove this excess tissue, and restore a more appealing smile.

At Redford Smiles, Dr. Redford specializes in performing minimally-invasive gingivectomy surgery that comes with customized treatment, recovery plans, and of course, a patient-centered approach to dentistry.

What Does Gingivectomy Mean?

Gingivectomy simply means “Removal of gum tissue”. “Gingiva” is a Latin term referring to the gums, and “Ectomy” is a Greek term that refers to the removal of a specific part of the body.

Combined, these two terms combine to form “Gingivectomy”. A gingivectomy is any surgery that involves the removal of some volume of gum tissue, whether for aesthetic purposes, or to treat gum disease.

What is A Gingivectomy Procedure?

The gingivectomy procedure is relatively simple. The process begins with the thorough cleaning and preparation of the gums.

Next, the gum area is numbed with a local anesthetic. In some cases, IV sedation or general anesthesia will be available and recommended. This depends on the scope and scale of the gingivectomy procedure. After the gum is numb, Dr. Redford will begin removing gum tissue.

For patients with periodontitis, Dr. Redford will identify areas of diseased tissue that require removal, and remove this diseased, loose tissue. This will aid in cleaning away tartar and plaque, preventing the infection of the jawbone that supports the teeth.

For aesthetic gingivectomies, Dr. Redford will remove the excess gum tissue that is making your mouth uncomfortable, or is negatively affecting the shape and appearance of your smile. After gum tissue removal, the gums will be reshaped to provide a more natural, attractive appearance.

Dr. Redford uses a scalpel to remove gum tissue, but some dentists have begun using laser tools to minimize discomfort and invasiveness.

Generally, patients feel very little pain or discomfort. Depending on the type of procedure and its scope, it can take anywhere from several minutes to an hour or longer.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Gingivectomy?

You can resume your normal, everyday activities within hours of having a gingivectomy. However, recovery requires specialized aftercare. Dr. Redford will provide you with a customized treatment plan.

In most cases, Dr. Redford will apply a periodontal dressing immediately after surgery. This dressing starts out soft. After several hours, it hardens into a semi-rigid barrier that protects the gums from damage and sensitivity.

Depending on the scope of the gingivectomy, this dressing may remain in place for 3-14 days. After your procedure, Dr. Redford will inform you of all required recovery precautions. He will also give you a set of easy-to-follow postoperative recovery instructions.

When is a Gingivectomy Needed?

There are several reasons that a gingivectomy from Redford Smiles could be necessary. Most commonly, gingivectomies treat advanced gum disease, after alternative treatments such as root planing and scaling have failed.

In advanced stages of gum disease, the gums pull away from the teeth, creating “pockets”, which can become inflamed and infected.

Over time, these infections may spread to the jawbone, causing extreme pain, tooth loss, and damage to the surrounding bone.

Gingivectomy removes diseased gum tissue in periodontal patients, and reshape the gums. This eliminates “pockets”, and allows effective cleaning of gum tissue. When performed properly, a gingivectomy can offer a permanent solution to gum disease.

Gingivectomies are also performed on patients who are experiencing excessive gum growth. Gingival Enlargement (gum enlargement) has 3 primary causes:

  • Inflammation – The cause of Inflammatory gingival enlargement is bacterial buildup on the teeth and gums. Usually, this does not require surgical treatment, and can be resolved by following effective oral hygiene practices.
  • Medication – Medications like cardiovascular drugs, anticonvulsants, and immunosuppressants can stimulate gum growth. If medication cannot be discontinued, a gingivectomy can be performed to remove excess tissue.
  • Systemic Health Issues – Pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, and diseases such as leukemia can cause gum growth and enlargement. In most cases, surgery is not required for these conditions. Consult with Dr. Redford to learn more.

Finally, gingivectomies may be desirable for purely cosmetic reasons. Patients who have large, prominent gums may feel self-conscious about their smile.

In a cosmetic gingivectomy, Dr. Redford removes excess gum tissue, and reshapes remaining tissue. By removing unnecessary gum tissue and reshaping the gum line, Dr. Redford creates a more natural and appealing smile.

Redford Smiles – Providing Minimally-Invasive Gingivectomy Treatment In Sacramento!

At Redford Smiles, Dr. Redford is an expert in both cosmetic and general dentistry, including periodontal treatment. Dr. Redford provides the best service in Sacramento.

With an expert hand, years of experience performing gingivectomy procedures, and a friendly, non-intimidating approach to oral surgery, Redford Dentistry is the place for you!

Whether you need a gingivectomy to treat periodontal disease, gum enlargement, or for cosmetic reasons, you can trust us to deliver exceptional service.

So don’t wait. Get the best care in Sacramento today! Call us at (916) 565-2570 to schedule your initial consultation, contact us online, or visit us in-person at 79 Scripps Dr. Suite 204, Sacramento, CA 95608.

We look forward to seeing you, and discussing all of your oral care needs.

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