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Dental lasers are one of the most recent innovations in the world of periodontics and oral care. First approved by the FDA in the 1990s, laser dentistry provides patients with a less invasive way to treat conditions like gum disease and tooth decay.

Traditional tools like dental drills and scalpels are effective, but can be invasive and cause patient discomfort. At Redford Smiles, we specialize in laser dentistry in Sacramento. Our dentist, Dr. Redford, uses advanced laser-based tools to treat patients, and provide top-notch care.

Curious to learn more about laser dentistry? Take a look at the frequently-asked questions below!

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry uses high-powered lasers in the wavelength of 810-1,100 nm. These lasers are directed through a specialized glass fiber. When this fiber contacts soft or hard tissue, it essentially “vaporizes” the material that it touches.

Dr. Redford uses laser tools as an alternative to traditional dental tools such as dental scrapers, scalpels and dental drills. While these traditional tools are very effective, they can often lead to patient discomfort.

Laser dentistry allows patients to avoid the vibration and scraping that is common in dental procedures that utilize traditional dental tools.

What Procedures Can Laser Dentistry Be Used For?

Dr. Redford can use laser dentistry for a wide variety of procedures. Here are some of the most common oral issues that he can treat with lasers.

  • Tooth Decay (Cavities) – Dr. Redford can use advanced, laser-based tools to remove tooth decay, and prepare the surrounding enamel for a tooth filling. Laser dentistry allows for faster removal of damaged tissue and enamel, and streamlines the placement of a filling.
  • Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease) – Because laser tools are very flexible, they can be used in place of traditional dental scrapers to remove plaque and tartar. Laser therapy can also be used to remove diseased gum tissue and clean the roots of the teeth.
  • Gingivectomy And Gum Reshaping – Gingivectomies are often required in severe cases of periodontal disease. A laser-based gingivectomy allows Dr. Redford to remove excess gum tissue and reshape the gums without the discomfort associated with traditional, scalpel-based methods.
  • Biopsy/Lesion Removal – Lasers tools are often used to remove lesions and perform biopsies. In many cases, Dr. Redford can use minimal topical anesthetic for these procedures, which makes them much faster.

Dr. Redford can perform all of these procedures and more with advanced laser dentistry tools. Interested in laser dentistry at Redford Smiles? Contact us today!

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

Laser dentistry is 100% safe. There are no major side effects or complications caused by laser dentistry. In fact, there are multiple research papers that suggest laser dentistry is actually safer than traditional dentistry.

Laser dentistry is associated with lower levels of overall patient morbidity post-surgery, and laser dentistry procedures are effective at eliminating infection.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry?

Why should you pick laser dentistry over traditional dentistry methods? We will discuss the biggest benefits of choosing laser dentistry now.

  • Anesthesia-free operations – Non-invasive procedures such as gum reshaping and minor periodontal disease treatments often will not require anesthesia. This makes your procedure much faster, and can reduce the time you have to spend at the dentist.
  • Quicker healing – Laser dentistry is very precise. Because of this precision, less tissue must be removed during procedures such as gingivectomies and fillings. In turn, this results in a faster healing process, as less healthy gum and tooth tissue must be removed.
  • Minimal bleeding – Lasers use a hot, highly-focused beam of energy to vaporize and remove tissue. The heat of this energy beam helps with the clotting (coagulation) of blood vessels.Any exposed blood vessels touched by this beam are immediately sealed by the high heat of the laser tool. This results in minimal bleeding, both during and after your operation.
  • Less pain and pressure – Even under anesthetic, the scraping and vibration of traditional dental tools like drills, scalpels, and scrapers can be uncomfortable. With laser dentistry, there is no painful vibration caused by drilling. Pressure and scratching are also minimized. Even during complex procedures like periodontal treatments, you will experience minimal pain and discomfort.

For these reasons, and quite a few more, laser dentistry from Dr. Redford results in faster, more comfortable, and more effective treatments.

Will My Insurance Company Cover Laser Dentistry Treatments?

This depends on the specifics of your procedure, and your insurance company. However, most insurance companies are willing to cover at least a percentage of a laser dentistry treatment.

In fact, laser treatment for tooth decay and periodontal treatment can, in some cases, be less expensive than a traditional surgery. This is because the surgery can be performed more quickly, requires minimal sedation, and is often more effective.

At Redford Smiles, we are always happy to work with our patients and their insurance companies to understand their dental procedure coverage.

If you have questions about your policy and are interested in laser dentistry, contact us today at (916) 565-2570. We can help you understand your coverage, and whether a laser dentistry procedure at Redford Smiles is covered by your insurer.

Contact Us For An Appointment Now

If you are interested in laser dentistry in Sacramento, contact Redford Smiles right away. At our Sacramento dentist office, we use advanced laser dentistry tools like the Odyssey Diode Soft Tissue Laser to provide top-notch care for our patients.

Dr. Redford can use laser dentistry to treat a wide variety of oral health conditions. Whether you are suffering from periodontal disease, require a gum reshaping, or need a gingivectomy, Redford Smiles is here to help.

Dr. Redford can conduct a comprehensive oral examination, and determine whether laser dentistry is appropriate for your specific needs. Contact us for an appointment now by phone at (916) 565-2570, or come to our Sacramento office at 79 Scripps Dr. Suite 204, Sacramento, CA 95608.

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