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At Redford Smiles in Sacramento, Dr. Redford is an experienced dentist with years of experience performing oral surgeries such as tooth extraction and the extraction of wisdom teeth.

Oral surgery may seem scary and intimidating, but it is very routine. Millions of Americans have wisdom teeth or other teeth pulled each year.

At Redford Smiles, we use specialized, minimally-invasive tooth extraction techniques to minimize patient discomfort, and sedation dentistry to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the entire process.

If you need oral surgery such as a tooth extraction, contact us for an appointment today at (916) 565-2570.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Oral Surgery?

There are dozens of different oral surgery procedures. However, the three most common types of oral surgery are tooth extractions, dental implants, and jaw surgeries.

  • Tooth extractions are fairly self-explanatory. In a tooth extraction procedure, Dr. Redford removes a tooth from your mouth using minimally-invasive surgical techniques. This is usually done to remove teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay or periodontal disease. Tooth extractions are also common for the removal of wisdom teeth.
  • Dental implants are also very common surgical procedures. Dental implants replace your natural tooth with a two-part post and crown system. Dr. Redford installs a titanium post into your gum and jaw tissue, and the post heals over the next 3-6 months, bonding to the surrounding tissue.Then, a dental crown is bonded to this post. The post functions as an artificial root, and the crown mimics the shape and size of your original tooth.
  • Jaw surgery is also quite common. Jaw surgery is usually used alongside orthodontics to treat issues like underbites and overbites, TMJ/TMD disorders, or other muscle problems.

Whether you need a tooth to be removed, or a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, Dr. Redford can help. And if you believe you need jaw surgery, come into Redford Smiles for an exam. Dr. Redford can refer you to an experienced maxillofacial surgeon in Sacramento.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Oral Surgery?

This depends on the specifics of your procedure. However, the recovery time for minimally-invasive procedures like tooth extractions and dental implants is quite short. Here is what you can expect after oral surgery at Redford Smiles:

  • 24 Hours After Surgery – Swelling at the surgical site is very common, and light bleeding may also occur. Bleeding should stop within 24 hours. If bleeding is heavy or continues after 24 hours, contact Redford Smiles right away.
  • 2-7 Days – 2-7 days after your procedure, you may still be experiencing some swelling and muscle stiffness, but you should be able to resume normal, day-to-day activities. Physical activity should be avoided for 2-3 days after your procedure.
  • 7-10 Days – After 7-10 days, most swelling and muscle stiffness should be gone, and you should be experiencing minimal pain and discomfort. Typically, you will be able to resume all of your normal, day-to-day activities, and eat/brush your teeth normally.

This is just a general guide to what happens after oral surgery. If you need a tooth extraction at Redford Smiles, or you get a dental implant, Dr. Redford will provide you with an in-depth recovery plan. This recovery plan will include activities/foods to avoid, tips for recovery, and a more detailed recovery time-frame.

Can I Be Sedated During Oral Surgery?

Yes! While surgeries like wisdom teeth extraction do not typically require sedation, Redford Smiles specializes in sedation dentistry. At Redford Smiles, we offer sedation dentistry that helps minimize anxiety throughout your oral surgery procedure in Sacramento.

For most of our patients, we recommend conscious oral sedation. Before your oral surgery appointment, Dr. Redford will provide you with an oral medication, along with anti-anxiety pills. You will take these before your procedure, according to the instructions provided by Dr. Redford.

This form of sedation will make you drowsy and reduce your level of consciousness during your oral surgery procedure. In combination with a local anesthetic, this helps eliminate any pain or discomfort from your procedure.

You will be quite groggy after sedation, so you will need a ride both to and from Redford Smiles if you opt for conscious oral sedation.

Pull Wisdom Teeth in Sacramento

Do you have wisdom teeth that need to be pulled in Sacramento? Dr. Redford has performed thousands of tooth extractions, and is a great choice to pull wisdom teeth in Sacramento.

If your wisdom teeth erupt incorrectly, they can lead to a wide variety of oral problems, such as:

  • Teeth shifting/bite misalignment – If your wisdom teeth erupt and there is not enough space in your mouth, they will shift your other teeth. This can ruin orthodontic work, and cause bite misalignment.
  • Nerve damage/pain – Impacted wisdom teeth that do not fully erupt can cause nerve pain and damage.
  • Infection – A wisdom tooth that erupts incorrectly can provide a vector for tooth and gum infection, and cause serious pain and discomfort.
  • Stiffness of the jaw – Swelling and jaw stiffness is common among patients with misaligned wisdom teeth, and can be very painful.

However, wisdom teeth do not always need to be pulled. To find out if your wisdom teeth need to be pulled or not, schedule a consultation with Dr. Redford of Redford Smiles today. Call now at (916) 565-2570!

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Oral surgery does not have to be scary or intimidating. At Redford Smiles, our whole staff specializes in providing you with a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

With minimally-invasive techniques and a focus on sedation dentistry, we make it easy to get the oral surgery you need in Sacramento.

So whether your need a tooth extraction, wisdom teeth removal, or a dental implant, trust our dentist, Dr. Redford. With years of experience and an informative approach to oral surgery, Dr. Redford can help you get the treatment you need, while minimizing pain and discomfort.

Call now at (916) 565-2570 to schedule a consultation, or come to our office at 79 Scripps Dr. Suite 204, Sacramento, CA 95825.

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  • A great family operation (pun intended). I have been a patient of Dr. Davey for a long time and recently had an emergency and the staff and Dr. Davey handled it very well for me and I'm no longer in pain. Tooth infections are a bear to deal with. Thanks again Dr. Davey and staff.

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  • You guys are always awesome....from the moment I walk in the door to the moment I leave,. It doesn't matter who I'm dealing with, staff, hygienists, dentists, etc., everyone there is great and always goes above and beyond to make me feel like I am your favorite patient. Wait. I am, aren't I? You guys are stuck with me unless you up and leave town!

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