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Eugen Tutunaru, DDS

Dr. Eugen Tutunaru is an enthusiastic and dedicated dentist committed to a compassionate approach and strong desire to alleviate suffering and pain. His passion for dentistry is inspired from its harmonious blend of deep compassion, artistic expression, and scientific curiosity.

Having earned his degree from Loma Linda University amidst the challenging summer of 2020, against the backdrop of a global pandemic, Dr. Tutunaru's tenacity and resilience stand as a testament to his unwavering dedication to self-improvement and patient care.

Beyond the realm of dentistry, Dr. Tutunaru's heart finds comfort in the enchanting interplay of light and shadows, within the world of photography. One of the important milestones in his academic journey was the publication of a photo-scientific project in the field of genetics, showcased in photographic journal Dotphotozine. This accomplishment eloquently underscores the seamless convergence of art and science that defines his inspiration. Close to his passion for photography, music holds a profound place in Dr. Tutunaru's life, tracing back to his initiation into the world of classical music through a long, hard but exciting journey that started with violin at the age of 5. Presently, he dedicates his time in the role of Choir and Orchestra conductor at Granite Bay Hilltop SDA Church, fostering his persistent connection to the art of sound.

During his free time, Dr. Tutunaru, accompanied by his beloved wife Lavinia and their son Mattias, enjoys travel and mission trips that celebrate the splendors of nature and the joy of serving others.

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